Historic Flooding Ravages Southern Brazil

(TotalConservative.com) – Brazil has seen a dramatic increase in rains over the past few weeks, resulting in historic flooding, which has ravaged the southern regions of Brazil and left more than 100 people dead. The state of Rio Grande do Sul has received the most rainfall during the flooding, with some experts estimating that more than 80% of the southern Brazil state is currently underwater. The historic flooding has seen approximately 140 people die, with an additional 100 missing.

The flooding has ruined several towns and cities within Brazil and left millions of people in dire need of aid. When discussing his experience with the flooding, Brazilian citizen Daniel Jaramillo described it as “apocalyptic” and said that many Brazilians lost everything they owned due to the historic rainfall. Meteorologists have studied the ongoing historic rainfall within Brazil and the surrounding area, which they attribute to a weather pattern known as El Niño, which causes warm ocean water to move towards coastal regions in the Americas.

Brazil’s president, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, responded to the historic flooding and assured Rio Grande do Sul residents that they would receive federal aid once the flooding subsided. According to da Silva, federal authorities cannot help citizens until they can accurately assess the flooding’s damage and determine how much aid is required. While da Silva promised Brazilians they would receive the help they needed, many feel it’s not enough as several cities lack basic amenities due to the severe flooding.

One such city is Porto Alegre, home to more than one million Brazilians, which has lost access to running water or public roads. Five out of Porto Alegre’s water treatment facilities can’t operate due to the flooding, leaving thousands of residents trapped without access to water. Porto Alegre city officials quickly released a statement about the flooding, calling for any citizen residents with a boat to help rescue and transport stranded residents to a safer party in the city. City officials estimate that thousands of Porto Alegre residents are still trapped in their homes due to the flooding.

While the flooding resulted from several rivers overflowing and unprecedented rainfall, weather experts believe similar natural disasters could occur in the coming weeks. According to Claudio Angelo, who has decades of journalism experience regarding weather patterns and climate change, Brazil has to explore potential solutions to avoid a similar catastrophe in the future.

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