Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said Tuesday that comments made by Republican presidential candidates Donald Trump and Ted Cruz about Islamic terrorism are not helping to protect the United States.

“Inflammatory comments about patrolling and securing Muslim neighbors or barring Muslims from entering this country, having an immigration policy based on religion, is counterproductive to our homeland security and national security interests,” Johnson told MSNBC.

Last week, following a devastating terror attack in Belgium, Cruz and Trump addressed the war on terror before descending into a personal feud for the rest of the week. Cruz suggested that police should step up efforts to monitor and patrol American Muslim neighborhoods while Trump reiterated his call for a temporary ban on Muslim immigration into the U.S.

These proposed policies have come under sharp attacks from Democrats, who insist that this kind of rhetoric makes it more difficult for national security officials to work with moderate Muslims. “In this phase,” Johnson said, “it is critical that we build bridges to American-Muslim communities, not vilify them, not drive them into the shadows, and encourage them to work with us.”

That’s all well and good, but…it’s been 15 years since the World Trade Center came down. What has been done in the interim to “build bridges”? We’ve managed to rebuild on Ground Zero in that time, so why haven’t we started to build those bridges to the Muslim community? Furthermore, what extremist, racist, anti-Muslim rhetoric caused them to attack us on 9/11? Or in Boston?

We’re past the diplomacy stage, if there ever was such a thing. This is like when Democrats come out and tell us what terrible shape the country is in and how we need to elect Hillary Clinton to make sure everything gets fixed in the next four years. Well, that argument doesn’t carry a lot of weight when you guys have had the reins for eight long years. Likewise, the Muslim community has had (conservatively) fifteen years to extinguish the radical strain of their religion causing so much catastrophe. Instead of taking advantage of that opportunity, they’ve allowed it to get even worse.

Does every Trump policy make sense? No, but he’s right about one thing: America is too nice. We are getting clobbered in an ideological war because we don’t have any ideology. We are not evil for wanting to protect our culture. Our identity. Our friggin’ lives! If American Muslims really want to prove their loyalty to this country, they will stop defending their religion and start defending the United States. If not, then there are plenty of other places for them to go. It’s time for us to take care of us for a change.