House Dem Under Investigation for Alleged Misuse of Funds

( – The Department of Justice issued a subpoena to an as-yet-unnamed House Democratic Representative for potentially abusing taxpayer funds which were reserved for private security. The corruption was first reported on Monday, January 29th and the story continues to develop.

The following day, the House Sergeant at Arms formally notified the chamber that his office had been served with a grand jury subpoena as well. The Sergeant at Arms is the leading law enforcement official for the House and is responsible for coordinating personal and public security of the complex and its individual members.

So far, no one knows which Democrat is under investigation for the alleged abuse, however there is one Democrat in the House who was investigated once before for improper use of campaign funds regarding private security, Rep. Cori Bush (D-MO).

Bush paid her then-boyfriend now-husband Cortney Merritts to act as her private security. The scandal was exposed last summer after Bush’s campaign filings were scrutinized. Merritts wasn’t licensed to operate as private security at the time of his hiring, and didn’t acquire it until February 2023, the same month they got married.

Bush ended up paying Merritts tens of thousands for services as private security from her campaign coffers. Bush spent over half a million dollars of her campaign contributions on hiring private security. She was additionally criticized by Republicans for pushing the “Defund The Police” movement while spending thousands of dollars to maintain her own safety.

Fellow member of “The Squad,” Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) was also criticized for paying her now-husband’s firms with funds from her Political Action Committee.

Democrats seemingly can’t help but mix business and pleasure. Georgia District Attorney Fani Willis is similarly in hot water for allegedly paying her boyfriend Nathan Wade for work during their affair. Wade is now so concerned that he’s asking for a protective order from the court.

Wade is accused of using the funds he was paid while working for Willis to take her on extravagant vacations and expensive dinners. The development is a potential kink in Willis’ RICO case against Donald Trump and 18 codefendants for allegedly attempting to interfere in the 2020 election.

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