In preparation for a full House vote this week, the Democrat-led House Judiciary Committee released a 658-page report outlining the case against President Donald Trump on Monday morning. The report, which details the full articles of impeachment, was immediately criticized by Republicans on the Judiciary Committee, who wrote in a counter-statement that Democrats had decided to “pursue impeachment first and build a case second.”

Led by Rep. Doug Collins (R-GA), the Judiciary Committee minority wrote: “The facts are contested, and, in many areas, the majority’s claims are directly contradicted by the evidence. Not one of the criminal accusations leveled at the president over the past year—including bribery, extortion, collusion/conspiracy with foreign enemies, or obstruction of justice—has found a place in the articles. Some of these arguments are just holdovers from an earlier disingenuous attempt by the majority to weaponized the Russia collusion investigation for political gain.”

This goes to the real joke of this impeachment, which is that Democrats couldn’t even make good on their own opening statements. If you look at Democrats like the state prosecutors, this whole thing falls apart. They came to the lectern and told the jury (the American people) that President Trump was guilty of bribery, a failure to uphold the Constitution, and possibly even treason. This was how serious his wrongdoing was. But when it was time to put pen to paper, they came up with these ridiculous two articles of impeachment: Abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.

These are not crimes to be found in the criminal code. The first is the kind of vague condemnation you expect to hear from a Democrat on the Rachel Maddow Show. The second is a completely made-up thing, in terms of its applicability to the President of the United States. Why, Trump can just turn around and accuse Democrats of obstructing the Executive Branch! In fact, he should do exactly that, just to show the public how ridiculous this circus has become.

Fact is, if Trump abused his office by asking Ukraine to investigate the Bidens, then Joe Biden and Senate Democrats are guilty of the exact same crime. If Trump is guilty of “obstruction of Congress,” then Obama was guilty of the exact same crime. There is nothing unique, noteworthy, or remarkable about what Trump did in regards to Ukraine. At the absolute worst, his actions might have given 2020 Democrats something to rant about in their attack ads. They are not impeachable – not by a long shot.

This farce is doomed to go down in flames in the Senate, of course, but the damage done to America’s faith in government (such that it still exists) will be damn hard to repair.