With House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s words on Tuesday, the wheels were finally set in motion for an official impeachment inquiry. That means this ends in one of three ways: One, the Democrats simply keep the status quo, slowly “investigating” President Trump in such a way that they don’t actually do anything. Two, the Democrats go all the way to a floor vote, at which time impeachment is defeated. Or three, they actually impeach Trump and send that impeachment to the Senate for a trial and an (inevitable) acquittal.

It’s difficult to see how any and all of these scenarios aren’t disastrous for the party. And it comes down to one thing: How can Americans really trust the Democratic Party when it comes to this scandal? Why should anyone believe Pelosi & Friends when they tell us that THIS TIME, Trump really crossed the line?

Democrats have been aiming for Trump’s impeachment since before he took office. The list of things they’ve told us are impeachable offenses is nearly endless. The whole Russia thing, impeachable. Obstruction of justice, impeachable. Violating the Emoluments Clause, impeachable. Paying off a porn star, impeachable. Firing James Comey, impeachable. Being a racist, impeachable. Shutting down the government to get money for the wall, impeachable. The phone call with the Ukrainian president is just one more log on a fire that has been burning for nearly three years. Why would anyone suddenly jump up and say, “Oh, all the rest of it was nonsense, but we believe Nancy when she says this is serious.”

Or, as Adam Schiff put it, “Trump crossed the Rubicon.”

But…he crossed the Rubicon like a million times, according to you guys.

This is the classic case of the Boy Who Cried Wolf. Eventually, the public just tunes out. According to two recent polls, impeachment enjoys somewhere between 35% and 37% support from the general public. Morning Consult found a way to pump that up to 43% this week, but we’re not sure if that’s a number to be taken seriously. Either way, it’s clear that Democrats are persuasive ONLY to their own voters, and not even all of them.

Through their nonstop efforts to erase the results of the 2016 election, Democrats are subconsciously signaling to the American people that they don’t believe they can beat him in a fair and free election. Well, self-fulfilling prophecies are a real phenomenon, and we have a feeling that Pelosi’s party is about to make one of them come true.