In a startling and disturbing op-ed this weekend, former Rep. Jason Chaffetz outlined how he believes Democrats are going to cheat their way to victory in the 2020 elections…if the law doesn’t catch up with them before they’re able to carry out the heist. Chaffetz is sounding the alarm on a practice called “ballot harvesting” that played an important role in at least two 2018 elections – one in California and one in North Carolina. The one in North Carolina led to the invalidation of the election and a special election.

The one in California, unfortunately, is entirely above board.

“In California, ballot harvesting was legalized by Democrats in the state legislature. They don’t consider it cheating in that state. It was used to flip seven Republican seats to the Democratic column in 2018,” Chaffetz wrote. “Democrats have long dismissed claims that mail-in ballots are vulnerable to manipulation, pointing to what they call a dearth of voter fraud convictions. Nonetheless, they could hardly ignore the North Carolina race in which a Republican campaign operative illegally collecting ballots allegedly destroyed as many as a thousand ballots supporting the Democratic candidate.”

Yeah. But hey, it’s entirely okay as long as Democrats are doing it. Right guys?

No, it’s not okay. At all.

“The process of ballot harvesting should be illegal for very good reason,” he continues. “It violates the chain of custody, exposing the ballot to potential manipulation by campaign operatives or nonprofit political groups. They could harass voters to turn in ballots, ‘assist’ them in filling them out, and potentially ‘lose’ ballots that don’t support the candidate the ballot harvester is paid to help.”

In addition to doing everything they can to loosen election security restrictions – eliminate voter ID laws, encourage alternative means of voting (i.e. mail-in), claim voter suppression against all available evidence – Democrats will try to expand the use of this tool of thievery as much as they can. With it, they can send activists out into the wild like predatory animals, hunting for citizens willing to vote the way THEY want them to. And if they don’t? Well, there’s no guarantee that THOSE ballots will ever make it to the precinct, now is there?

Democrats know their only chance at electoral victory next year is to cheat, and you can bet your bottom dollar that they are going to pull out all the stops.