Nicholas Kristof penned a rather shocking opinion piece in Thursday’s New York Times accusing Democrats of acting “childish” in their attempts to undermine the peace process with North Korea. Kristof, who hasn’t said one positive thing about the Trump administration since…well, before there even WAS a Trump administration, kicked off the piece with a statement that had to hurt a little: “President Trump is actually doing something right.”

“Trump is finally investing in the kind of diplomatic engagement that he used to denounce, and that we should all applaud,” he wrote. “Trump’s newfound pragmatism is infinitely preferable to the threat of nuclear war that used to hang over all of us, so it’s mystifying to see Democrats carping about any possible North Korea deal.”

Make no mistake, Kristof carves out plenty of room in his editorial to assure readers that Trump’s efforts at diplomacy will surely fail and that North Korea will never give up their nukes and that Trump is probably getting played by Kim Jong Un. He doesn’t, at the end of the day, want to give his lefty friends the impression that he actually supports the President of the United States after all. What horror.

But even in the mild praise that he does give Trump, Kristof tacitly admits that the man is not ALL EVIL, ALL THE TIME, and that’s a lesson many in the media (and certainly many on the Democrat side of Congress) have yet to learn.

They might want to learn it, though, because a new poll shows that a vast majority of the American voting public thinks that the peace summit between Trump and Kim is a great achievement.

According to the Quinnipiac University survey, 72% of voters approve of the impending summit while only 21% oppose it. And while there is still significant resistance to the idea that North Korea will willingly give up their nukes, this shows that the American people are willing to see Trump attempt to do what he does best: Make a deal.

The North Korea situation has given us a perfect lens into the extraordinary opposition President Trump faces from the media/Democrat cabal in Washington. There is no reason why we should see bloggers, newscasters, and pundits alike oppose this summit and, at times, appear to favor Kim’s brutal regime over their own president. This is how deranged, though, these people have become in the face of the Trump Revolution. Good for Kristof, at least, for seeing that…even if he’s spent much of the last two years contributing to it.