A Holocaust museum in Maitland, Florida raised eyebrows this week after announcing their newest exhibit – one that has absolutely nothing to do with the Holocaust.

“A new exhibit at the Holocaust Memorial Resource & Education Center in Maitland features powerful and inspiring photos taken in the wake of George Floyd’s death,” reported a local Orlando news station.

The exhibit consists of photos taken in Minneapolis, focusing on sad and outraged faces of protesters and the general public.

The announcement came with a statement from the museum’s assistant executive director, Lisa Bachman.

“You don’t just see this exhibit. You feel it,” Bachman said. “The expressions and thoughts of each person photographed tells a story that has a very universal message. It is one that can heal and bring us together. It shows us we are not alone in our thinking.”

To whatever extent the exhibition may be powerful and moving, however, its relationship to the Holocaust is certainly difficult to divine. That has many critics calling for its removal.

“George Floyd is added to a Holocaust museum? That trivializes and distorts the Holocaust and its six million Jewish victims. And it grotesquely implies that American police are Nazis,” wrote Ezra Levant of Rebel News.

Carolina Glick was also irritated by the inclusion. The columnist wrote, “The Florida Holocaust museum at a JCC in Orlando has taken a huge step towards transforming the annihilation of European Jewry into a farce. This is a travesty, an insult to the Jewish people throughout history. And I fear it is just a taste of the madness to come.”

Oh, there’s no doubt at all about that last point. After all, Black Lives Matter and their allies would have us believe that American police are systematically murdering African-Americans in pretty much the identical way that the Nazis exterminated European Jews. It doesn’t matter that there is absolutely no evidence for this being the case; all they need are a handful of sensationalized videos and a narrative that distances itself from the facts. That’s proven to be more than enough to convince thousands of street protesters and self-proclaimed activists that we are living through unimaginably dark times in America.

And unfortunately, when pushing back even gently on this fictional tale gets you smeared and canceled as a racist, 99% of people who know better are content to sit silently by and consent to this madness.