Actor Mark Ruffalo is angry, and President Obama won’t like him when he’s angry.

Ruffalo may not turn into a green monster anytime soon, but he’s producing a new documentary that takes aim at Obama for his mixed messages on climate change. The movie, called Dear President Obama, will attack the president’s record on carbon drilling. From the left.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Ruffalo said that Obama and California Governor Jerry Brown are actually worse for the environmental movement than Republicans. “They are not honest in another way that’s much more harmful to us,” said Ruffalo. “They are taking the political will that we need to make these changes and they are dulling the knife edge of it. They are making people go to sleep. They are making people think that dealing with climate change is being taken care of. In fact, renewable energy is going to be useless if we pull all of this carbon out of the ground and burn it.”

Fascinating. The president can stand up there days after one of the worst terrorist attacks to hit Western civilization and call climate change the most dangerous threat to the modern world…and it’s still not good enough. These environmental leftists apparently believe that the only answer is to stop burning fossil fuels immediately. No more oil. No more fracking. Just abolish all of it tomorrow and be done with it.

This is what happens when you spend too much time flying around with Thor and Iron Man. You forget that you share a real Earth with real human beings.

On the other hand, Ruffalo does have a point when it comes to Obama’s weak climate change policies. “When you have the president saying that climate change is absolutely for real and we must do something about it, and then in the next breath he says we must start drilling in the Arctic circle even, there’s a huge disconnect, a cognitive dissonance,” Ruffalo said. “His own scientists are telling him we have to keep that carbon in the ground otherwise we are doomed.”

Like with guns, healthcare, and foreign policy, Obama’s take on climate change is one of unhinged rhetoric followed by anemic action. In the case of climate change, he’s putting us on the road to economic disaster – without actually doing anything meaningful about the amount of carbon pollution being produced in the United States. He’s the worst of both worlds. We get all of the downsides of liberal policy and none of the (questionable) benefits.

Obama’s not even good at being a bad president.