So was anyone able to enjoy the Super Bowl after seeing that disgusting Doritos ad? The one that tried to make it seem like an unborn fetus was an underdeveloped version of a person? Look, it’s one thing to personify animals and toys, but where does this country’s leading snack manufacturer get off attributing human qualities to the lump of tissue that inhabits a pregnant woman’s womb? Has anyone looked at the ratings yet? Surely millions of football fans turned the game off in protest.

Now, if you’re a clearheaded adult of reasonable intelligence, you might be scratching your head in confusion. Hey, I saw that commercial and it didn’t bother me. Yeah, we get that you’re making fun of pro-choice feminists, but you’re reaching. Literally no one is that eaten up with liberalism.

Sad to say, but you’re wrong. Abortion activist group NARAL Pro-Choice America tweeted the following after the Doritos commercial aired:

#NotBuyingIt – that @Doritos ad using #antichoice tactic of humanizing fetuses & sexist tropes of dads as clueless & moms as uptight. #SB50

The antichoice tactic of humanizing fetuses. If you’re looking for a novel way to commit suicide, just read that phrase over and over again until your head explodes. This country’s abortionists and their lobbyists are finally being exposed as the monsters they are. They cannot abide anything that makes the outrageous suggestion that a fetus is, in fact, a human being. Of course they can’t. How could you profit from this twisted industry if you allowed that assertion into your conscience? Of course, that presupposes that these cretins have a conscience in the first place.

By the way, if you didn’t see the commercial, it depicted a couple at the doctor’s office watching an ultrasound of their baby. The dad is munching Doritos and the unborn child begins responding to the snack. Finally, the baby is so motivated by the tempting treat that it essentially decides to expedite its own early arrival. Whether it was funny or not every viewer can decide on their own, but it’s hard to imagine too many people saw it as some kind of anti-abortion statement. Then again, it seems like this country is filling up fast with oversensitive liberal morons who find new ways to get offended every week. Maybe Doritos will have to come out with a special Planned Parenthood edition of their product to smooth things over with disgruntled feminists. Judging by the look of the average pro-choice rally, they do constitute an important part of the consumer base.

But maybe the backlash that began with last year’s undercover videos will gain momentum thanks to the arrogance of the pro-choice movement. If enough people realize that to support abortion they have to deny the humanity of an unborn child, this sick practice will implode. Maybe that’s a naive hope, but if it’s between that and a future where we treat fetuses like inhuman parasites prior to their delivery day, we’ll settle for being naive.