Hunter Biden Avoids Questions About Why the President Refuses to Acknowledge His Granddaughter

( – Hunter Biden was approached by Fox News Digital on Monday and ignored questions about his father’s refusal to acknowledge the first son’s 4-year-old daughter, who is the unclaimed granddaughter of the President of the United States.

Hunter’s unclaimed daughter, Navy Joan Roberts, was born after an affair with Lunden Roberts, an ex-stripper. Hunter is currently engaged in a legal battle with Roberts who is suing for child support payments. Meanwhile, President Joe Biden refuses to even acknowledge the existence of the child, one of many scandals tied to the president relating to his disgraced son.

Hunter was in Batesville, Arkansas, to attend a hearing regarding child support for his daughter. After leaving the courthouse to take a lunch break, Fox reporters confronted the president’s son and asked whether or not his father’s refusal to recognize his own grandchild was a disservice to her. The first son refused to answer.

Roberts and Hunter came to an agreement in 2020 about the paternity of the child as well as payments for child support. A motion was also filed by Roberts’ lawyers last December to change Navy’s last name to Biden. The child support case was recently reopened by Roberts after Hunter requested payment adjustments, so the court ordered Hunter to appear for the hearing in person, and all future hearings related to the case.

There have been numerous occasions where President Biden refused to even acknowledge the granddaughter, most recently at a Take Your Kids to Work event at the White House last week. During the event, Biden said to the crowd that he talks to all six of his grandchildren every day, stating that he’s “crazy” about them.

Navy is technically the seventh grandchild, and there are now ethical questions being raised about whether or not it’s right of the president to ignore the existence of his own flesh and blood granddaughter simply because of the circumstances of her birth.

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