Hunter Biden Deposed In Child Support Case

( – Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, was deposed in court last Friday as he continues to battle Lunden Roberts in a heated case over child support for their daughter Navy.

In Arkansas, the first son was deposed last week. Roberts, the ex-stripper and mother of their daughter, attended the deposition.

In 2020, Roberts made an agreement with Hunter about paying child support. Ever since he’s been paying her $20,000 a month. He is now attempting to have it lowered in the current lawsuit.

Hunter Biden argues he can’t afford the payments, yet stalled on turning over financial records, and Judge Holly Meyer complained about the heavy redactions to the records. The judge also scolded both Hunter and Roberts last month for the case moving slowly.

Roberts’ lawyers filed a motion against Hunter Biden for contempt, making the claim that he isn’t being totally honest about his current income. Roberts has also been fighting to change Navy’s surname to Biden because she believes it is “synonymous” with things such as education, success, wealth, and political power, giving her daughter a social advantage.

The president won’t even acknowledge the child as one of his grandchildren. On numerous occasions, Biden did not count Navy among his grandchildren when mentioning them during speeches. He continues to claim only six grandchildren, and The White House press secretary has avoided questions about why Biden won’t recognize the girl.

Both parties have been ordered to appear on July 10. Hunter Biden will be able to address any questions about his income and present his defense against accusations. Roberts’ attorney said their legal team is looking for criminal contempt against the first son, and that Hunter Biden could perhaps face some time in jail if found guilty.

Between the laptop scandal and the tax fraud investigation, a continuous court battle with an ex-stripper over child support seems like the least serious of controversies surrounding President Biden’s son.

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