Hunter Biden Fights Child Support Case While Living In Luxury

( – Earlier this month, Hunter Biden’s lawyers argued during a hearing that he was incapable of affording monthly child support payments to Lunden Roberts, the former mistress of the first son and mother of Hunter’s four-year-old unclaimed daughter.

Despite the claims by Hunter’s lawyers that he is too financially strapped to pay $20,000 a month to Roberts for their daughter, the first son traveled to the Arkansas hearing on a $6 million private jet owned by Kevin Morris, a Hollywood lawyer and close friend of Hunter’s. According to aviation experts, the trip on this luxury aircraft from Washington, D.C., to Arkansas probably cost at least $55,000 or even over $100,000.

Roberts, an ex-stripper who’s been engaged in a custody battle with Hunter, is now calling on the courts to put the first son in jail. She asked the court during a filing last Thursday, May 18, to lock Hunter up in order to enforce the court’s requirement that the first son discloses information about his assets and income. Roberts argues that Hunter, who’s trying to lower the monthly payments in the case, is delaying the court’s request.

Aside from financial assistance from his friend Morris, the only income Hunter is receiving, according to his lawyers, comes from a percentage of revenue from his art sales from a gallery in the SoHo neighborhood of New York City. One of Roberts’ opposing arguments in her motion filed is that even Hunter’s attorneys are among “the most expensive… on planet Earth.”

According to Clint Lancaster, Roberts’s attorney, if President Joe Biden’s son can afford these things then “he surely must have income for child support purposes.” Hunter refuses to turn over all of the required discovery materials, Lancaster said.

Hunter’s daughter, Navy, was born in 2019, and the first son initially denied she was his offspring, yet a paternity test ordered by the court proved he is the father. Roberts says Hunter is only hurting the child by trying to avoid the responsibility of supporting her.

Hunter and the rest of the Biden family are also under investigation for alleged financial crimes and involvement with foreign governments.

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