Hunter Biden Lawyers Make Bizarre Move

( – In a puzzling move this week, Hunter Biden’s legal team requested a new trial for the president’s son after his conviction for lying about using drugs while purchasing a firearm and then quickly withdrew that request.

On Monday, June 17, Hunter Biden’s lawyers filed documents in the morning in Delaware federal court claiming that the judge who presided over their client’s trial, Judge Maryellen Noreika, did not have jurisdiction because other rulings were pending in a Pennsylvania appellate court.

Noreika was appointed by former President Donald Trump in 2018 and has been accused of holding bias throughout Hunter Biden’s trial. She dismissed various motions by his legal team to drop the charges, including an argument that the case was a violation of the Second Amendment, one that critics pointed out the hypocrisy of considering the strict gun laws that the Democratic Party typically supports including President Joe Biden.

Attorney Abbe Lowell said in the initial filing that because of the appeal process in a Philadelphia-based Third Circuit Court, the court in Delaware “was without jurisdiction” to impanel the jury and proceed to trial. Only a few minutes after the filing, the new trial motion was “deleted at the request of counsel.” Why the withdrawal was so sudden isn’t clear.

A panel of three judges upheld the rulings by Noreika, while the Third Circuit appellate continues to deliberate on a decision for an open reconsideration request. On May 9, they rejected one of Hunter Biden’s appeals because they ran out of time before the trial began, and then another one on May 28 to toss the charges because they decided they could not make a ruling before the jury handed down a verdict.

On June 11, the jury found the president’s son guilty of lying about his drug addiction on forms while purchasing a gun in October 2018. The jury concluded that Hunter Biden knowingly concealed his substance abuse problem in violation of firearms laws. No date for sentencing is set, but he could face up to 25 years in prison.

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