Hunter Biden’s Latest Suit – Giuliani The Target

( – President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden filed a lawsuit this week against former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani for allegedly violating the first son’s right to privacy by disseminating the contents of his notorious laptop.

The first son filed the complaint in the Central District of California US District Court on Tuesday. In the filing, Hunter Biden’s attorneys argue that the former NY mayor and Trump lawyer is “primarily responsible” for totally annihilating the privacy of Hunter Biden when he turned over private data belonging to the first son to the New York Post in 2020. Also named in the lawsuit is former federal prosecutor Robert Costella, who used to represent Giuliani.

Hunter Biden’s attorneys wrote that the defendants “dedicated an extraordinary amount of time and energy” into the “data that they were given” which they claim was “stolen” from Hunter Biden’s “devices or storage platforms.” They also claimed that the data “was not even from a ‘laptop,’” but an external hard drive.

The attorneys then argue that the dissemination of these data put their client in legal jeopardy while also causing political issues for his father.

This seems to be contradicted by the fact that Hunter Biden also filed complaints against the laptop repairman who the device was left with and forgotten in Delaware, and who gave it to Giuliani, for violating his privacy. This would seem to confirm that the contents did, indeed, originate from the laptop.

The contents in question, which include videos, pictures, emails, and other files, were published by the Post after Giuliani provided the information. The story broke during the 2020 presidential election but was immediately buried by social media platforms. Former President Donald Trump and other Republicans argue that the censorship of the Hunter Biden laptop story constitutes election interference.

After his “sweetheart” plea deal fell apart in July, instead of pleading not guilty to tax fraud and a felony gun charge, Hunter Biden instead pleaded not guilty.

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