After acknowledging in a 2015 interview that she and her fellow Black Lives Matter founders are “trained Marxists,” Patrisse Cullors has been dogged by the accusation that she is, indeed, what she says she is (though she’s been careful not to mention her beliefs in public since then). This weekend, Cullors decided it was time to clear the air and address the allegations head-on in a new video she titled, “Am I A Marxist?”

In the YouTube video, Cullors goes out of her way to avoid directly answering the question posed in the title, but for anyone who had any doubt about where she’s coming from, ideologically, you didn’t have to read too far between the lines to figure it out.

“It’s been intense at times; it’s been hilarious at times,” she said. “But I feel like I need to set the record straight.”

Cullors then spent a few moments reading comments that accuse her of using BLM as a front for a “communist agenda” and “trying to burn the whole system down” with her organization.

“Am I a Marxist? I am a lot of things,” Cullors said. “I do believe in Marxism. It’s a philosophy that I learned early on in my organizing career. We were taught to learn about the systems that were criticizing capitalism. We were taught to understand why there were philosophies that were criticizing capitalism. I’m working to make sure that people don’t suffer, I’m working to make sure that people don’t go hungry.”

Cullors lamented that stories about the organization’s political underpinnings were harming the effect BLM can have on the country.

“So many people who have listened to me, Black Lives Matter, and other social justice organizations aren’t really taking our work very seriously,” she said. “But I do believe that we can get to a place where there is a socio-economic system that doesn’t oppress some groups of people and only uplifts a few. We can’t allow for fear to dictate how we understand what’s possible.”

At the conclusion of the video, Cullors said that she knew one thing – that capitalism would not lead “to the liberation of every single human being.”

She did not specify what system of economics would accomplish that feat.