Rep. Ilhan Omar has yet to encounter a problem for which she cannot blame America, especially if that problem can also be blamed on the Trump administration. The extremist Muslim congresswoman took a break last week from tweeting anti-Semitism to address the recent death of a migrant child in U.S. Border Patrol custody.

“How many more children must die before we address the atrocities our country is committing at our southern border?” she asked.

Gee, how many people died in prisons and jails last year? That’s the inconvenient thing about the law – it has to be, you know, enforced. And when you imprison people who break the law, it is inevitable that someone is going to die once in a while. Not because the prison system is committing atrocities but because that’s just what happens to people. Eventually, they die.

Now, you can argue that it is more tragic and unusual for a child to die, like the 10-year-old El Salvadoran girl to whom Omar referred. We wouldn’t disagree. But was it the cruel and inhumane United States that caused this girl’s death, or was it her parents who brought her to this country in a “medically fragile” state of health? This girl is said to have had a history of “congenital heart defects.” Is that the type of girl you want to trek through hundreds of miles of arduous land?

Oh, but it’s America’s fault. Okay. Explain that one.

Omar was apparently taking her cues from the deranged Lauren Underwood (D-IL), who told Acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan that the Trump administration was murdering foreign children.

“I feel like, and the evidence is really clear, that this is intentional,” Underwood said in a hearing last week. “It’s intentional – it’s a policy choice being made on purpose by this administration and it’s cruel and inhumane.”

Cruel and inhumane to enforce the law. Imagine that.

Just as criminals do not just suddenly find themselves in jail through no fault of their own, illegal aliens do not wind up in Border Patrol custody because a tornado blew them into our country. They made the informed decision to break the laws of the United States on the off-chance that they might either qualify for asylum or the very good chance that they’ll be able to disappear into the shadows. What exactly are we supposed to do? Fly them up here on Delta? Give them limousine rides to the Ritz-Carlton? What could we be doing at the border that would convince Underwood and Omar that we really, really care about these illegals?

Forget it, we don’t want to know.