Illegal Alien Attacks Girl After Being Released From Prison

( – A serial predator who raped a minor multiple times somehow believed his illegal alien status should protect him from the consequences of his actions. and was indeed  released by liberal county officials in Maryland. He then committed the crime again, against the same victim, before ultimately being caught and detained by ICE agents and scheduled for deportation back to his home country of Nigeria.

The unnamed 37-year-old man came to the U.S. in 2015 using a temporary visa. He then failed to leave when it expired, making his status in the country illegal. In 2017, the man was arrested for raping a girl in the first and second degrees. He was then arrested again in 2019 for further assaults against the same girl.

Stunningly he was convicted of all the charges against him, earning him separate 20 and 10-year sentences, and yet somehow the officials suspended all the jail time against him and gave him probation instead. Predictably the man assaulted another woman and was arrested for the crime in 2021. Then in March 2022, the court abrogated all the charges, set them to “inactive” status, and released the man back into the community.

ICE officials eventually caught up with him on August 2nd. Their enforcement division arrested and is holding the man until he can be deported back to his home country of Nigeria.

ICE representative Darius Reeves said that the man had raped and assaulted multiple victims, including a minor he violated multiple times. He described the man’s behavior as “despicable” and “predatory” and promised to “relentlessly pursue” criminals who target citizens and break the law.

Another illegal immigrant was convicted in May of beheading his girlfriend with a machete in Minnesota. In yet another incident, Maryland county officials protected Jose Roberto Hernandez-Penal who is suspected of committing multiple rapes against multiple victims, one as young as 15 years old. Prince George’s County has a reputation for protecting perpetrators of crimes, as long as they’re in the country illegally.

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