Illegal Immigrant Arrested 10 Times In 10 Months

( – An illegal immigrant arrested in Chicago is coming into the spotlight after his tenth arrest in just under a year. Carlos Mavarez Viloria, 27, is a Colombian national who’s been staying in Chicago at the Standard Club since his arrival into the U.S. last summer. He’s been arrested ten times now for a laundry list of minor crimes, and for some reason every time he’s been released back into the public without being flagged for deportation.

Shortly after entering the country, Viloria was arrested for attempted shoplifting of $200 worth of Major League Baseball items from a Walmart. Not food, nor clothing, or other essentials, but likely free stock to sell at an event to tourists. Stolen goods have high profit margins due to the lack of having to pay anything to acquire them.

Viloria failed to show for his court appearance for that bust, and then was busted again the following day for shoplifting $158 in t-shirts from a Macy’s. They held him for seven days before local district attorneys dropped the charge. In November the pattern repeats: he’s busted for shoplifting, prosecutors drop the charges. By February, his criminal enterprises evolved to simulating armed robbery; Viloria threatened a store clerk with a lighter that resembled a firearm. Guess what happened to those charges?

In April, police tasered him after he ran away during an arrest for attempted theft of malt liquor and he was released. A week later he was causing trouble at a Walgreens and was arrested and released. They busted him for the ninth time for selling clothing without a permit. He claimed he was making money for his kids. Prosecutors dropped the charges the following day.

His latest venture resulted in an injury to an officer during his arrest after he stole $450 in items from a TJ Maxx and was caught on camera four times in April and May. He fought the cops during his arrest, injured one of them, and will face reckless conduct, felony assault of a cop, and shoplifting charges.

Unfortunately betraying the state of the “justice” system in Chicago, Judge Ankur Srivastava said he’d be willing to allow “supervised release” of Viloria, if he wears an ankle monitor. He was still in jail as of Monday, May 27.

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