According to a new report from Negative Population Growth, Inc., America’s obsession with importing a million immigrant workers a year is costing the average native-born citizen $2,470 in annual wages. While the Republican presidential primaries have focused almost exclusively on illegal immigration for the last year, the study shows that – when it comes to deteriorating American paychecks – legal immigration is the real problem.

“The U.S. is literally importing poverty,” the group reports.

Ed Rubenstein of ESR Research noted that immigrant labor now accounts for nearly 17% of the U.S. workforce, and the effects on wages have been destructive.

“Current levels of over 1 million legal admissions per year — and de facto amnesty and nonenforcement policies that serve to protect those aliens who are here unlawfully — are only placing greater economic strain on those citizens who can afford it least,” Rubenstein said. “Congress must revisit the current policy of mass immigration to reduce this injustice.”

At the last GOP debate, Donald Trump pivoted away from his infamous wall to focus on this very problem. “I think for a period of a year to two years, we have to look back and we have to see where we are, where we stand, what’s going on,” he said, expanding on his intention to put a temporary halt to green cards issued to foreign immigrants.

Trump’s stance on legal and illegal immigration is in stark contrast to the lunacy on display the night before, when Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders fought to see which one of them could turn America into a third-world country the fastest.

Pressured by Univision activist-journalists, both Democratic presidential candidates vowed to basically ignore immigration law if elected to the White House. At one point, Clinton found herself pushed so far to the left that she told Jorge Ramos that she would not deport any illegal immigrant without a criminal record. That would be akin to decriminalizing illegal immigration, and the effects on our economy would be disastrous.

Make no mistake, all of this talk about racism and xenophobia is a distraction. This has nothing to do with either, and there’s not a single Democratic politician who believes otherwise. They are relying on this emotional argument because it keeps them from addressing the facts. Much of their voter base is comprised of brainless leeches who get their information from Facebook memes and Comedy Central; they don’t care how immigration is affecting their paycheck because they aren’t working. These are people so poor that they can’t afford a driver’s license, according to the opponents of voter-ID laws. Someone failing that hard at life is going to be susceptible to all kinds of illogical pandering.

But not all Democratic voters are quite so stupid, and they are alarmed at how liberal their party is getting. If Clinton isn’t careful, she’s going to make herself unelectable in her desperation to fend off Bernie’s socialist attacks. This “Hispandering” might play well in Miami, but the average American is a lot more interested in a fatter paycheck than in pushing some misguided “social justice” agenda.