There are whisperings that many veteran Democrats believe that the new push to impeach President Donald Trump is doomed to backfire. These operatives have a feeling that setting up this inquiry/vote will only position Trump as the overcome-all-odds victor heading into the next election, condemning (in their view) America to four more years under his rule.

While we do not doubt that these Democrats are right to be concerned about this potential future scenario, that story alone discounts what we’re already seeing: Which is that impeachment talk is ALREADY backfiring on the left. The best proof of that is that money the RNC/GOP/Trump campaign has been raking in on the news.

“WinRed, the new GOP online fundraising platform designed to compete with Democrats in the battle for small-dollar campaign donations, has raised more than $30 million since launching three months ago, with top officials crediting the Democrats’ impeachment push for a big spike in fundraising over the last week, Fox News has learned,” the network’s website reported on Tuesday.

“WinRed raised just over $30 million in the third fundraising quarter, which began in July and ended Monday. The online platform is used to raise money for President Trump’s re-election, campaign committees and various Republican candidates across the country,” the report continued.

Fox News spoke to WinRed president Gerrit Lansing about the windfall, and he wasn’t shy about discussing how much the Democrats’ recent efforts have helped his company raise funds.

“Impeachment helped a lot with that,” Lansing said. “It just poured gas on the situation where there is a ton of money being raised in all levels and all campaigns.”

We could perhaps envision a scenario where the Democrats might have some trust moving forward with a Trump impeachment. But it would have involved them treating him as a real president for the last three years. It wouldn’t have included multiple (by which we mean hundreds) of calls for his impeachment for infractions ranging from angry tweets to fired employees to former porn stars. It would have seen them at least try to broker some form of bipartisanship with Trump in the spirit of unifying the nation. Then, they might have come to this scenario with a shred of credibility. As it happens, they have absolutely none and the American people know it.

It’s far too early to say how the 2020 election will turn out. But if Democrats do manage to take the White House back, they’ll do it despite their own best efforts to give Trump another four years.