According to Paul Bedard’s Washington Secrets column, President Trump’s campaign allies believe he is well-positioned to win re-election in 2020. Bedard spoke to top Trump aide Stephen Miller about the president’s polling strength heading into what is certain to be a bruising campaign for a second term; Miller said that everything they had in their internal polling suggested that Trump was in better shape today than he was when he beat Hillary Clinton the first time around.

“Our poll numbers are better today than they were on Election Day,” Miller told Bedard. “In today’s country with the nonstop negativity in the media and everything else, the political success that we’re having in the numbers, the generic ballot and everything else, is all enormously positive.”

It’s what you would perhaps expect to hear from one of Trump’s closest professional associates – after all, what else are they going to say? Oh, the big guy’s in trouble, we don’t see a second term in our future? Probably not. Not from any politician, much less the supremely confident Donald Trump.

One thing Miller touches on is worth lingering on, though, and that’s the incessant negative media coverage that has plagued Donald Trump from the moment he strutted onto the political stage. There was some hope last January that the mainstream media might actually learn a few lessons from the outcome of the election and begin tailoring its coverage in a way that spoke to people other than New York City Democrats, but that hope quickly dissipated. Trump has been besieged by THE worst news coverage in the history of the White House, bar none. And yet, his approval numbers remain relatively high. That in itself is a feat of historic precedence.

As for his chances in 2020 – who can really say, this far out? No one has yet officially thrown their hat into the ring, and we don’t know for sure if the president will face a primary campaign for the nomination (although we suspect John Kasich is rubbing his hands together at this very moment). The Democrats…well, they aren’t sending their best. Biden is over the hill, Kamala Harris and Cory Booker don’t have what it takes, and Sanders has made too many enemies within the party structure. That leaves Elizabeth Warren, and all we’ll say is that if the Democrats think she can beat Trump, we wholeheartedly encourage them to get behind her 100%. Bring it, Pocahontas.

The important thing to worry about now is actually GETTING TO 2020, and that very well may require keeping the House red for the next two years. If we can overcome that hurdle – and polls are looking more favorable every day – then we can worry about whatever lame candidate the Democrats throw at Trump.