Soo, have you gotten the newest issue of Dabiq, yet? The official magazine of the Islamic State released its 14th edition on Wednesday, and it’s filled with delicious recipes, some valuable coupons, and a crossword puzzle that hits the sweet spot between “too easy” and “wow, am I an idiot.”

Oh, no subscribers in the audience?

Well, in any event, the magazine includes a feature article naming several high-profile Western Muslims…and sentences them to death. Not the kind of article you’ll typically find in Cosmo or Sports Illustrated, but hey, magazines are dying out. You gotta surprise people, right?

Among the Muslims targeted by ISIS are Hillary Clinton’s bestie, Huma Abedin, U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison, and British politician Sayeeda Warsi. Amusingly, all three are outspoken liberals who have harshly criticized conservatives for their “Islamophobic” rhetoric. You would think that would score them some brownie points with the terrorists, but apparently not.

The magazine casts the Muslims as “overt crusaders” against the Islamic cause and brands them “politically active apostates.” ISIS head honcho Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is quoted in the article, warning that those “who are caught before they repent” will suffer a “painful – and fatal – punishment.”

Do you think it’s like this all the time within the ISIS network? Do these guys ever turn it off and chat idly about the weather? Or is it just one unending conversation about killing apostates and making Westerners bow down before Allah? Seems like it would get boring after awhile.

Anyway, this just goes to prove once again that there’s no appeasing these nutjobs. You can ban drawings of Mohammad, make it illegal to criticize refugees, and defend Islam every single time you get in front of a microphone and it will never make the slightest difference.

Last year, Abedin (whose mother has strong ties to the Muslim Brotherhood) wrote:

Trump wants to literally write racism into our law books. His Islamophobia doesn’t reflect our nation’s values — it goes far enough to damage our country’s reputation and could even threaten our national security.

Also last year, in response to UK Prime Minister David Cameron’s assertion that the Muslim community was not doing enough to combat extremism, Warsi wrote:

Cameron is right that there are “some” – a minority within a minority within a minority – who condone the Isis view of the world, but there are so many more of this minority who are fighting a very real and sustained battle, the same battle he is fighting.

And Ellison, the first Muslim congressman in American history, trashed Trump and Ben Carson for “Islamophobic” comments after the Paris attacks.

And look what all of that tolerant, inclusive liberalism has gotten them. A first class ticket to Fatwa Island.