Americans, in huge majority numbers, understand that much of Islam is incompatible with our country’s norms and values. We may have varying opinions on just how incompatible, and we may all want American Muslims to enjoy the same religious rights as anyone else, but very few of us want Islam to begin influencing our laws.

Sadly, that’s exactly where we’re headed. Organizations like CAIR operate under the pretense of protecting Muslims from unfair persecution. They’ve earned a seat at the table by pretending to be full-throated supporters of the Constitution. They don’t want special rights for Muslims. They just want to represent the voices of the unheard. That’s all.

But that’s not all.

These organizations can all be traced back to their radical origins. And once you peer behind the curtain, you can see that they have goals that go well beyond discouraging people from using the term “radical Islamic terrorism.” Goals that go well beyond protecting the civil rights of Muslims. They want to change America’s laws, slowly but surely, to make them closer to the Sharia laws that govern Islamic countries like Iran.

In Illinois, they are closer to that goal than ever before. A new bill would create a permanent 21-member Muslim council whose purpose would be to “advise the governor and General Assembly on issues affecting Muslim Americans and immigrants.” It is a governor’s signature away from being state law.

“We need to encourage our Muslim Americans to be civically engaged and participate,” said Democrat Illinois Senator Jacqueline Collins. “If you don’t participate, the fringe elements establish the policy.”

So without this council, radical ISIS-sympathizers will determine the direction of the Illinois government? That doesn’t sound logical.

It would be more accurate to say that it is because of those fringe elements that Illinois is considering this council to begin with. In other words, they are rewarding bloodshed. Absent the terrorist attacks that have become so frequent, this bill would not exist. We like to say “violence is not the answer,” but initiatives like these tell a different story.

We keep church and state separate for a reason. Democrats, ironically, have been fiercely protective of that separation. To avoid the appearance of hypocrisy, they have begun blurring the line between race and religion. They want to turn Islam into an ethnicity. A specialty. A political party. Only by selling this bizarre lie can they give Muslims rights and privileges denied to Christians.

Obama may be right; ISIS may not represent an “existential threat” to the United States. But Islam – if allowed to influence our laws – does.