Bayan Claremont, a California Islamic school, announced Friday that they would not accept an $800,000 federal grant intended to help community organizations identify and teach the early warning signs of radicalization. The grant, which is part of the Countering Violent Extremism program initiated by the Obama administration, was rejected by Bayan Claremont officials who do not agree with Trump’s focus on Islamic terrorism.

“It’s a heck of a lot of money, but our mission and our vision is to serve the community and to bring our community to a position of excellence,” said the school’s founder, Jihad Turk. “And if we’re compromised, even if only by perception in terms of our standing in the community, we ultimately can’t achieve that goal.”

Turk said the school was skeptical of the CVE program under Obama because radicalization doesn’t always unfold according to a neat plan that can be observed by others. Because the Obama administration was openly supportive of the Islamic faith, however, they agreed to join the program.

He said that President Trump’s “fixation on the American Muslim community,” however, caused school officials to rethink their participation.

“It was becoming more and more apparent that he’s actually looking to carry out all the scary stuff he said,” Turk said.

That “scary stuff,” of course, meaning Trump’s executive order banning immigration from seven Middle Eastern countries – an order currently being held up in court.

Other organizations, including Unity Productions Foundation in Virginia, Ka Joog in Minneapolis, and Leaders Advancing and Helping Communities in Dearborn, Michigan have also declined the CVE funds following Trump’s election.

Well, we can only hope that more groups follow suit. Then Trump can go ahead and scrap the useless program altogether. While not the worst idea in theory, the CVE initiative was quickly rendered toothless under Obama after he let Muslim activist groups get their paws all over it. Mentions of Islamic radicalism were sacrificed on the altar of political correctness, turning this into just another way for the federal government to waste taxpayer money that could have been spent fighting terror.

It’s not bigoted to point out the obvious fact that Islam has a problem with violent extremism; if these groups want to pretend otherwise, then our money should go somewhere else.