Proving that American liberals are not the only ones who turn Islam into the true victim of every terrorist attack, newspapers throughout the British world are harping on “Islamophobia” in the wake of deadly mayhem outside Parliament.

There was a searing editorial in The Guardian that took aim at Marine Le Pen and Nigel Farage, both of whom correctly identified the relevant issues in the days after the attack. Le Pen and Farage blamed loose immigration laws, which the paper said was “xenophobic,” seeing as how the perpetrator was a British citizen.

Another Guardian editorial accused right wing politicians and activists of “waiting in the wings, almost grateful that the imaginary fears it had been trying to provoke had become real ones.”

Hmm, that…does not make sense. Those imaginary fears are based on real events. Real slaughters. Actual terrorist groups with headquarters in the Middle East and jihadist soldiers all over the world. Wednesday’s attack did not make those fears “real,” they reminded right-thinking Brits that the imaginary world is the multicultural paradise liberals want them to believe in.

That’s why we see these exact editorials written over and over again. That’s why Barack Obama couldn’t get through a speech on terrorism without spending most of it on the glorification of Islam. It’s because every one of these attacks shatters the illusion of their worldview, so they have to scramble to make sure they can piece it back together before they have a problem on their hands.

The problem (for them, anyway) is that it’s already happened too many times. The illusion has been shattered for too many people already. You can keep weaving it for a certain, bleeding-heart segment of the public, but you can’t convince people to go back to sleep when they’ve already seen the truth.