J6 Protestor Sentenced for Assaulting Police Officer

TotalConservative.com) – A Florida woman was sentenced to six years in prison last Friday by a federal judge for pushing a flagpole into a police officer’s chest in Washington, D.C. during the Capitol riots on Jan 6.

U.S. District Judge Amit Mehta sentenced 54-year-old Audrey Southard-Rumsey to six years behind bars. The judge called her a “one-person wrecking crew” and enhanced Southard-Rumsey’s sentence for terrorism. Southard-Rumsey was convicted of seven felonies, including three counts of civil disorder and assaulting an officer.

During the sentencing, Southard-Rumsey told the judge that she had “grievances” and that the government didn’t listen to the people “at the polling place.” She said those in power don’t “listen to us little people” and told the judge she was being thrown in prison for doing her “duty.”

Southard-Rumsey was one of the protesters who pushed through the barricades to enter the Capitol building. Not only did she knock down an officer with a flagpole, but she grabbed two officers’ batons and threatened officers. Video evidence was also presented capturing Southard-Rumsey saying to “tell Pelosi” they “are coming for that b****.”

Litigation related to Jan 6 is popping up in the headlines quite a bit this month. Ray Epps, who was recorded encouraging other protesters to enter the Capitol but never arrested, is now suing Fox News Network for allowing Tucker Carlson to portray him as an undercover FBI agent or asset.

And the so-called “Q-Anon Shaman,” Jacob Chansley, is requesting to have his guilty plea reversed after already serving 27 months in prison following his conviction. He will have to prove to a judge that his attorneys ineffectively represented him and risks returning to court for a new trial. Chansley says he isn’t mentally ill nor was he “duped by Trump” into participating in storming the Capitol.

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