According to Jane Fonda, “there will be violence” if Hillary Clinton wins the presidency. The radical left-wing actress, promoting her Netflix show “Grace and Frankie” at the Tribeca Film Festival, said she was confident that Clinton would win November’s election. But she said that men were not quite ready to handle a female president.

“Every time women move forward, there is going to be problems,” Fonda said. “One of the things we have to do is help men understand why they are so threatened, and change the way we view masculinity. We have a toxic masculinity and that’s what needs to be addressed.”

Please. Not even Hanoi Jane herself believes this nonsense. The idea that men will be so incensed and threatened by a female president that we’ll see some kind of revolutionary uprising – it doesn’t pass the laugh test. This is just one more attempt to get a narrative going that will excite liberals about a candidate who is singularly unexciting. Fonda’s trying to make it sound as though voting for Hillary is this powerful, subversive act. And the flipside is that voting against her is an act of sexism.

To win in November, Democrats have to take the focus off their deeply-flawed candidate to whatever extent it’s possible to do so. For Clinton, this means wrapping herself in the Cloak of Obama and persuading his supporters to view her as the closest they can get to a third term. But while that’s been a somewhat successful strategy in the primaries, it could become a liability in the general. That’s why Clinton and her supporters want to turn the election into a referendum on one simple question: Do we want a woman to be president or not?

That’s why the media went berserk a couple of weeks ago when Bernie Sanders dared to question whether or not Clinton was “qualified” to be president. That’s not supposed to be up for debate. We are to proceed with the understanding that any such attack is just sexism in disguise. By the time we get to November, there’s no telling what else we’ll learn about what constitutes sexism in politics. If at any point Clinton looks to be in trouble, they will play that card as recklessly as they have to.

Of course, it’s just the Obama strategy all over again. Even now, in the president’s final year, liberal activists are accusing Republicans of racism for blocking Obama’s Supreme Court nominee. It’s such a versatile weapon that it works even when there’s not the slightest link to logic.

In fact, when it comes to courting liberals, it’s usually best that way.