Remember after the Charlottesville incident when President Donald Trump said there were “fine people on both sides,” and the media went into a frenzy?

As anyone with a working pulse knows, he was not talking about the neo-Nazis that came to town to march around with tiki torches and get in fights and run people over with their cars. He was talking about the concerned patriots who were there to protest the removal of a Robert E. Lee statue from the University of Virginia grounds. In comments that went largely ignored, Trump mused on who would be next? George Washington?

“And is it Thomas Jefferson the week after?” he asked.

Well, of course it is.

At Hofstra University on Friday, students took to the school grounds in a protest officially titled “Jefferson Has Gotta Go!”

From Campus Reform:

The statue has been the center of controversy on the campus and has been defaced with “DECOLONIZE” and “Black Lives Matter” signs and stickers. According to a media advisory sent by the Jefferson Has Gotta Go (JGG) campaign, the protest was held outside Hofstra Breslin Hall at the statue. Organizers included “students of Hofstra University, staff from Planned Parenthood of Nassau County, and supporters of Hempstead community.”

The group gathered on campus to “expose the culture of bias and discrimination,” as stated in the media advisory, and to demand “the statue of Thomas Jefferson is removed.”

Hofstra College Democrats “want the statue to be removed and we stand with the Jefferson Has Gotta Go Campaign,” the group’s president, Brynne Levine, told Campus Reform.

Former College Democrats executive board member Miranda Pino also professed her support.

“JGG isn’t just about a statue,” she told Campus Reform. “Yes, the removal of the statue is important, but it is about what the statue represents: a legacy of racism and bigotry on college campuses.”

So far, the school’s administrators have remained firm, telling the protesters that the statue will remain in place. We’ll see how long their resolve lasts, but we have to congratulate them on not capitulating at the first sign of a leftist mob. That makes Hofstra’s leadership a damn site stronger than many other universities we could name. Hopefully, they’ll stay the course and refuse to let a bunch of spoiled children with nothing better to do ruin a great man’s name with their inane SJW nonsense.