Jim Jordan Defends Trump’s Classified Docs Use

(TotalConservative.com) – During an appearance on CNN’s “State of the Union” May 11, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) clarified that the President, unlike Vice Presidents or Senators, has unilateral authority to declassify materials if they so desire.

The recent federal indictment of Donald Trump may have distracted public attention from what the House Oversight Committee has recently learned. The Committee says that Joe Biden and his son, Hunter, both received $5 million payouts related to then-VP Biden getting a Ukrainian prosecutor fired who was investigating corruption in Burisma, an energy company where Hunter sat on the board.

The indictment against Trump contains 37 seven charges relating to Trump’s possession of documents marked “classified.” On the other hand, the House Committee says then-vice-president Joe Biden took multi-million dollar bribes from foreign interests. In addition, it was revealed earlier this year that Biden had multiple caches of classified documents at both his home and his D.C.-based think tank.

Committee Chair Jim Jordan said a President could declassify and store documents “however he wants.” Clearly, the feds disagree, as the federal indictment alleges Trump violated the Espionage Act dozens of times. Some observers have said that aiming a large number of charges at the former President may be just political distraction tactic.

Even the obviously anti-Trump network CNN had to admit Trump is the front-runner for the Republican primary. Supporters of Trump’s indictment frequently use a variant of the phrase “no one is above the law,” but critics point out that the Biden’s Justice Department is indicting the current President’s chief rival 17 months before a presidential election.

The primary has begun to heat up with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, Trump’s chief rival, caught using AI-generated deep fake images of Trump hugging and kissing Anthony Fauci alongside real images with the caption “The Real Donald Trump.”

Between evolving deep fake-based character assassination attempts and weaponization of the legal process to attack political opposition, America is in for a bumpy ride on the road to 2024.

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