JK Rowling Claims She’d Rather Go to Prison Than…

(TotalConservative.com) – Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling once again set off the outrage mob on social media last week after she suggested that she would be happy to go to jail if the alternative was forced speech.

Last Tuesday, Rowling posted an image of a lighted sign that was shined against the outside wall of the UK Ministry of Justice that read, “Repeat after us: trans women are women.” In her post, Rowling offered a single-word response, “No.”

While the outrage mob raged in the replies, some of Rowling’s followers sided with the author.

When one X user replied with, “Vote Labour, get a two-year stretch,” likely a reference to the Labour Party wanting legislation to protect transgenders from so-called “hate crimes,” Rowling replied that she would be happy to spend two years in jail if the “alternative” is to be forced to deny the “reality and importance” of the biological differences between men and women.

She added, “Bring on the court case,” explaining that it would be “more fun” than she ever had “on a red carpet.”

When another user replied, “See you on the inside,” adding, “I quite fancy the kitchens,” Rowling said while she hoped to work in the prison library, she said she would do all right in the kitchens but “laundry might be a problem” since she tends to “shrink stuff” or accidentally “turn it pink.”

Another user joined in with the prison humor, replying, “Imagine getting shanked by JK,” which prompted Rowling to note that his comment made her “laugh so hard I scared my husband.”

With each light-hearted response, the outraged railed at Rowling with indignant fury, accusing her of making light of her supposed hate crime of acknowledging the biological differences between men and women.

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