Joe Biden Visited IRS Headquarters During Hunter’s Investigation

( – In what is arguably a conflict of interest, an IRS agent told Congress during a Wednesday hearing that President Joe Biden was “extremely well known” to the federal authorities tasked with investigating the first son, Hunter Biden. The agent told Congress that the president visited one of the agency’s offices while the probe was ongoing.

Joseph Ziegler, the special agent for the IRS who was known as “Whistleblower X” until revealing his identity on Wednesday, told the House Oversight Committee that he saw “potential issues” with working the Hunter Biden case in the state of Delaware. He said the IRS was working with the office of a small U.S. Attorney who has most likely never worked on a case “of this caliber.”

Ziegler also noted that the office investigating the case was in the home state of “the subject’s father” and that the Biden’s are “extremely well known” in Delaware, including by people on the investigation team. He said this was “evident” later when the president paid a visit to the FBI office on a matter unrelated to the investigation of his son, and the team joking about it.

The IRS whistleblower also told the committee that a Delaware magistrate judge, who he did not identify, made comments that were inappropriate at the signing of the first search warrant, causing her “to recuse” herself from Hunter Biden’s investigation. The incident set them back “an additional 4 months” because the team “had to draft new warrants” and redo certain steps.

Ziegler and the other IRS whistleblower, a supervisory agent and Ziegler’s boss, Gary Shapley, also reiterated and affirmed their previous testimony to Congress that the Department of Justice (DOJ) “slow-walked” the probe on Hunter Biden over the last five years. They claimed US attorneys appointed by the president interfered in Hunter Biden’s case when they prevented David Weiss, a Delaware US Attorney, from charging the first son with tax fraud in Washington, D.C., and California last year. The claims were denied by Weiss and by Merrick Garland, the Attorney General.

Shapley told the committee how the investigation of Hunter Biden’s tax violations was conducted very differently “from any other case” he’s seen in 14 years of working at the IRS. Shapely said “decisions” made “at every stage” of the investigation benefitted “the subject.”

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