Joe Rogan And Theo Vonn Give Double Blast To Biden

( – Joe Rogan had some harsh words for President Joe Biden. During a recent episode with fellow comedian and podcaster Theo Vonn, Rogan pointed out that Biden has a long history of being a liar.

The additional complication of Ukrainian money going to his son with an ongoing conflict in Ukraine where Biden and his party’s support is vital would be intolerable if he was a Republican. “They’d have been up in his *ss with a microscope,” Rogan quipped.

Calling Biden “a corrupt career politician,” Rogan suggested the only reason Biden had support was that he was considered the “sane alternative” to President Donald Trump. Look how well that’s turned out! He also called FBI censorship of the Hunter Biden laptop scandal “crazy.”

Vonn suggested that the U.S. was rapidly approaching third-world banana republic status as the security apparatus is locking down free expression and weaponizing the legal system against its political opponents and their supporters.

Rogan and Vonn also pointed out the “dark arts” of media manipulation: the corporate media echo chamber ignores any information that inspires distrust of Biden or the government while simultaneously weaponizing their massive platforms to spread propaganda that benefits the establishment.

Often an effective voice of the people, Rogan also had a rant against the excesses of LGBTQ activists “shoving this down our throats” in the same episode. Rogan blasted Target for selling Pride garb for children. He connected it back to Budweiser and its corporate partnership with Dylan Mulvaney, a TikTok sensation who chronicled his attempt to ‘become a girl.’ Bud Light has become a joke in the market and many Americans are refusing to purchase the beer. The company has lost $27 billion in stock value as a result, according to the New York Post.

Calling the attempt by radical activists to spread gender ideology “f***ing real weirdness” he acknowledged the reality that there’s a concerted effort to queer the heterosexual population. “It’s like they’re proselytizing,” he said.

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