Joe Rogan Destroys ‘Gender Affirming Care’ In 90 Seconds

( – World-famous Joe Rogan recently slammed transgender-affirming treatment or so-called “gender affirming care” for minors as “childhood mutilation” on a recent episode of his podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience during a discussion with fellow comedian & late-night host Bill Maher. Rogan was discussing the impact of wokeness on politics and cited puberty blockers and hormone treatments for young children as an example.

He further lambasted the fact they call the procedures “gender affirming care.” Saying that “it’s really childhood mutilation” Rogan pointed out small children don’t understand the concept of permanence. He compared the permanent body and fertility impacts to getting a tattoo or going to war, things we obviously understand aren’t for children. He also assaulted the idea that puberty blockers are reversible, a common deceptive claim made by advocates and activists.

He pointed out that boys who take them and continue to estrogen will have a micropenis that isn’t reversible. They can have additional health impacts as well, including underdevelopment of the skeletal and muscle tissue. Many of the long-term effects still aren’t understood because using these medications off-label in this manner is a very new practice.

Rogan then pointed out that while some people may be satisfied with their outcomes, many are not to the point that they actively de-transition. Rogan said folks who discuss de-transitioning are considered “a monster and a bigot” simply for bringing the subject up for discussion, which he called “f***ing insane.”

Commenters on X (Twitter) largely supported Rogan. Meanwhile left-leaning Indeed, Inc. which hosts a social media site specifically for hiring and job-related networking, is offering $10,000 to transgender workers or the parents of transgender children who want to relocate to states that will guarantee their ability to engage in medically-approved gender affirming care.

In one such example of a positive outlook, 30-year-old Sam Burger took Indeed, Inc. up on their offer and moved from Texas to Colorado, and was incredibly relieved and grateful for the money.

Although there are more opportunities for adults to decide to transition, the country is divided on the issue of transitioning children. So far, over 20 states have passed laws restricting ‘gender affirming care’ for minors in recent years.

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