This week, President Trump made the extraordinary wise decision to declassify dozens of documents, applications, and text messages relating to the Russia investigation, and it has the Democrats in another one of their patented tizzies. Trump’s enemies know that the more information the American people have at their immediate disposal, the worse it looks for their imaginary case against the president. This is an “investigation” that has thrived on secrecy and shadow. It is a public relations circus, and the only reason they can go out there and pretend there is still such a thing as “Russian collusion” is because most Americans still haven’t seen for themselves that THERE IS NO EVIDENCE.

The media, of course, is complicit in all of this.

Speaking of the media, that’s where we found Mr. John Brennan on Tuesday. The disgraced former head of the CIA joined Andrew Mitchell to discuss Trump’s most recent order, which naturally included putting the worst possible spin on the decision.

“It is very unusual and it’s very concerning from two principle perspectives,” said Brennan. “One is that I think it is highly inappropriate and unethical for Mr. Trump to the take any action that pertains to the FBI criminal investigation of Russian collusion, and Russian — and cooperation with Russia in the election of which Mr. Trump and close associates are subjects. So that should not happen that he would be able to take such an action — he certainly has the authority to do it, but I do think it is highly inappropriate, and I think everybody who knows these issues feels similarly.

“Secondly,” he continued, “to basically order the Department of Justice and the FBI to release this information, even that which was redacted earlier, it’s really just pushing this envelope, and I think it’s making a lot of law enforcement officials, Department of Justice officials and intelligence community officials very concerned about the negative impact and consequences of doing that. So, yes, he has the authority to do these things. The question though is whether or not it is the right thing to do and whether it is something that Mr. Trump is just trying to continue to find ways to get himself out of the mess that he is currently in.”

National secrets should only be discussed in public when John Brennan says they should. Well, Johnny, that’s exactly why you lost your security clearance – because you’re going on NBC and pretending you have some special insight into what’s going on. Fact is, you don’t. Fact is, you’re a representative of the deep state actors who have been trying to push this president out of office from Day One. Fact is, you think making documents public is evidence of a cover-up, which not only means you have bad judgement but also means you just aren’t that bright.

NBC, terminate this fool’s contract and improve your reputation overnight.