Johns Hopkins Staff Receive Guide To 50 Pronouns

( – Employees at Johns Hopkins Medicine were issued a brand new guidebook which includes a list of different pronouns that staff may use on their newly issued ID badges.

The guidebook lists up to 50 pronoun variations, including words such as per, ae, ve, se, aerself, faerself and more. The guide also provides directions about how to use the different pronouns in sentences, and instructs employees to use the title of “Mx.” for people who identify as “non-binary” or “gender diverse.”

Last year in March, Johns Hopkins Medicine changed its ID policy following changes in Maryland law to allow employees to choose whatever name they wish to display on their staff badges that are in line with their so-called “gender identity.” Hospital patients are also allowed to use whatever name they chose on their hospital wristbands.

The law in Maryland only makes two exceptions where employees must use the name on their ID badge that matches their legal names: Washington, DC, government employees, and state police officers.

One academic, Dr. Stanley Goldfarb, formerly of the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, said that the policy could cause issues by muddling communication between staffers and patients, as well as indicate political bias based on chosen names. He said “clear and appropriate communication” is the most important part of the relationship between patients and physicians.

The pronoun controversy is just one aspect of what Republicans call “gender ideology” that is creating problems throughout the country and situations that are questionably unconstitutional, such as men in women’s sports and bathrooms.

Many Americans believe that legally forcing citizens to use the “preferred pronouns” of someone that doesn’t match their biology goes against their beliefs and is a form of compelled speech. In states like New York, one could face legal retaliation for “misgendering” someone by using pronouns they do not want to be referred to by the workplace.

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