(TotalConservative.com) – A ‘journactivist’ was caught on a hot mic in Florida admitting her role was to make Gov. Ron DeSantis “uncomfortable I guess” during a live stream event on Valentine’s Day.

Christina Pushaw was quick on the draw, having a post up within a few hours after the event relaying the two-minute video that caught the journalist/activist speaking candidly to a colleague.

Atyia Collins is a local reporter with First Coast News based out of Jacksonville who was caught on the hot mic saying she was going to ask DeSantis “tough questions.” The line she lobbed at him was about a viral video that showed empty bookshelves in Florida. “We have seen bookshelves empty in schools in response to Florida’s new guidelines on books,” she said. DeSantis cut her off before she could get a question in, “that video was a fake narrative, that was not true.”

The video was revealed to be a complete hoax, the books were not put out and someone made the video in order to present a totally fabricated fiction that spread around the world. That video was viewed over five million times, imparting the lie that libraries in Florida are being emptied because of new laws.

DeSantis reminded viewers that there is a “longstanding Florida law that prohibits an adult from giving a school child pornography.” Continuing he explained that the narrative was manufactured whole cloth and the media is misrepresenting what Florida has done. He elaborated that parents have expressed concern about this material and he has directed the Florida Department of Education to talk to districts and ask if there are problematic books. If so, they ought to be reviewed and removed if they find any pornographic content like the images in Genderqueer by Maia Kobabe.

“We’ve armed parents to object to that to make sure they’re having education and not indoctrination,” he said. He closed his response emphasizing that anytime something outrageous is said to be happening in Florida that the media is often blowing things out of proportion or straight up lying to advance a political agenda.

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