Judge in California Denies Prosecutors’ Request to Keep Paul Pelosi Attack Footage Secret

(TotalConservative.com) – Judge Stephen M. Murphy of the San Francisco Superior Court ruled that there was no good reason to withhold releasing the footage of the attack on Paul Pelosi, husband of Nancy Pelosi, former U.S. Speaker of the House.

The judge cited that the footage was already played in an open court session last month during a preliminary hearing, according to a lawyer representing The Associated Press and other news agencies attempting to access the video evidence. The evidence was given to Judge Murphy on Wednesday after a court hearing, and the judge asked that it be distributed to the media.

Paul Pelosi made it into the headlines in October after a man allegedly broke in and attacked Pelosi with a hammer. The man being charged by prosecutors is David DePape, 42.

Portions of Capitol police surveillance footage, body cameras by two officers who arrived at the San Francisco home, video of DePape’s interview with authorities, as well as portions of the 911 call made by Paul Pelosi were all shown in court last month during a preliminary hearing. When media organizations asked for copies of that evidence, the District Attorney’s office refused to hand it over.

A lot of confusion around the details of the story has caused many to speculate and theorize about what actually happened, with many unfounded claims floating around the internet. This may be partly because of the secrecy surrounding the evidence withheld from the media and the public, but also because some aspects of the story are unusual.

The police apparently witnessed the attack when they showed up. According to their documents, both men held the hammer with one hand as DePape held Pelosi’s forearm with his other hand. When Pelosi greeted the officers they asked them both to drop the hammer, after which DePape pulled it free from Pelosi’s grip and swung it at Pelosi’s head.

Last month, DePape pleaded not guilty to the six charges against him, one of which is attempted murder. According to the police, DePape was actually after Nancy Pelosi rather than her husband, stating that there’s “evil in Washington,” although there are still unanswered questions about why he was really there.

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