U.S. District Court Judge William Orrick ruled last week that he would keep in place a preliminary injunction that his own court imposed on President Trump’s sanctuary city executive order. The order, signed shortly after Trump took office, authorizes federal authorities to withhold grant money from Santa Clara County and other sanctuary jurisdictions that refuse to cooperate with Immigrations and Customs Enforcement officers. In his ruling, Judge Orrick also knocked down a U.S. request to dismiss Santa Clara’s lawsuit against the Trump administration.

In public comments, Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors President Dave Cortese gloated about the victory.

“Once again, the District Court has sent a message to President Trump that he cannot use the threat of withholding funds to coerce local governments into becoming federal immigration operatives — an unconstitutional effort that puts at risk vital services for millions of people across the country,” said Cortese. “We are eager and prepared to pursue the lawsuit on behalf of Santa Clara County residents and communities across the country until the executive order is permanently struck down.”

Well, the District Court has sent a message, alright. It has sent a message that the rule of law in this country is up for grabs, to be defined by whichever way the winds are blowing in the court of liberal opinion. And for now, liberal opinion is that sanctuary cities are just fine. It’s just fine for local authorities to shield criminals from federal law enforcement officers. It’s just fine for people to come into the United States uninvited, take up residence in one of 300 communities, and then proceed to commit as much crime as they wish without fear of being deported. All of this is just fine, and it is “unconstitutional” for the federal government to take ANY steps whatsoever to persuade these jurisdictions to cooperate.

To believe that these decisions are rightful, you would have to first believe in a very bizarre definition of “state’s rights” where the states are welcome to all of the federal grant money they can get their hands on while ALSO flaunting federal law to their hearts’ content. It’s very strange, and this is NOT the open and shut case that liberal pundit “lawyers” want to turn it into. These cities are flagrantly endangering their citizens, thumbing their nose at a lawful administration, and laughing all the way to the bank with taxpayer money. It’s a travesty and a joke.