Vice President Kamala Harris was met with less than enthusiastic applause after she described President Joe Biden as a champion of veterans.

“As Vice President, I am proud to serve with one of the greatiest — greatest, greatest, champion of our nation’s warriors Joe Biden,” she said, first mispronouncing the word “greatest” while reading it off of her teleprompter.

The audience of veterans and their family members only tepidly applauded her statement.

Harris spoke at the Arlington National Cemetery in the rain at a wreath-laying ceremony to honor Veterans Day, as Biden is in Egypt to speak at the United Nations COP27 climate summit.

“It is a profound privilege to thank and honor you today and every day,” she said.

Harris reminded them that she had seen members of the military while traveling to South Korea, Florida, and in Poland.

“I have seen firsthand how America’s armed forces protect the highest ideals of our nation around the world,” she said.

But while the mention of Biden only got tepid applause, a mention of First Lady Jill Biden drew stronger applause, as some in the crowd stood in their seats.

The strongest applause for Harris’ speech was when she described the United States military as the “greatest fighting force in the world.”

Over in Egypt, President Biden only made a passing reference to Veterans Day in his climate speech, praising his climate envoy John Kerry and remembering his son Beau Biden.

“On this special day and every day, I honor all those who sacrificed for our nation like my son,” he said.

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