Karine Jean-Pierre Accused Of Violating Hatch Act

(TotalConservative.com) – It appears that White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre is in violation of the Hatch Act by openly criticizing “MAGA Republicans” according to the Special Counsel Office. The Hatch Act is meant to prevent federal employees from engaging directly in partisan politics.

The Washington Post published a warning letter from the U.S. Office of Special Counsel against Jean-Pierre on Tuesday. The letter said that her use of the phrase “mega MAGA Republicans” was an “inappropriate attempt” to influence elections. They said investigations found that the press secretary used the phrase “repeatedly during official press briefings” right before the midterm elections in November 2022.

The Special Counsel stated that although Jean-Pierre did not specifically tell people to vote against Republicans, she clearly used the phrase to denigrate Republican candidates, and that the phrase constitutes “political activity.” Because the statements were made while the press secretary was on the job acting in an official capacity, Jean-Pierre violated the act which prohibits her from using her position of authority to do or say anything interfering with elections or to influence elections.

Despite determining Jean-Pierre was in violation, the Special Counsel “decided to close” the matter “without further action,” letting her off the hook with a stern warning. They told Jean-Pierre that if she engages in such activity again, they will consider it a “willful violation” of the Hatch Act that may result in “disciplinary action.”

Some critics point out obvious hypocrisy in Jean-Pierre’s actions due to the fact that she has used the Hatch Act in the past as a way to avoid any questions.

Some of the questions the Press Secretary mentioned the Hatch Act to avoid answering were those about the upcoming presidential election in 2024, and also for questions that weren’t even political in nature, such as asking about the president’s schedule. She also used it to avoid questions about the health of Democratic Pennsylvania Sen.-elect John Fetterman.

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