Secretary of State John Kerry is perfectly fine with Congress having a vote on the nuclear deal he put together with Iran…just as long as that vote doesn’t actually have any effect on what he accomplished. Speaking with PBS’ NewsHour, Kerry said that any bill that Congress came up with must not “assault presidential authority and the Constitution.”

Hearing this administration talk about presidential authority and the Constitution is enough to angry up the blood, but let’s see what else Kerry has to say about these concepts.

“Congress is going to vote,” he said. “Congress can vote any day it wants to. You know, the majority leader has the right to bring something to the floor and have a vote. So this is really, I think, a little bit excessive. The truth is, also, Congress will have to vote to lift, ultimately, some of the sanctions which are congressionally mandated. So we all understand the process here and I just think we need to be serious in a way that does not interfere with the president’s ability to pursue the foreign policy interests of our nation.”

Ah. Suddenly this administration is worried about the separation of powers. How droll.

But it’s mighty generous of John Kerry to give Congress his blessing on a vote, even if it comes with a warning that Obama will veto anything that doesn’t match his “preferences and prerogatives.” Not that there’s a lot of hope for that. Republicans have proven that they don’t have the stomach to put this president in his place. They’re all vim and vigor when it comes to writing letters to Iran and shouting at the podium, but they always seem to misplace their backbones when push comes to shove.

What’s remarkable is that Democrats in Congress don’t feel as though they deserve a say on this vital matter of international security. Nancy Pelosi has already come out strongly against any vote on the validity of the deal. One of the lone voices of dissent on the left has been Senator Chuck Schumer, and can’t you just imagine the evil glares he has weathered for his betrayal. Kudos to him, though; he seems to be the only one uncomfortable with letting Obama steamroll the legislative branch.

Kerry and Obama are desperate to see this deal come together. Too desperate, in fact. Too personally and politically invested in the outcome. It’s not uncommon to see politicians put themselves before the good of the country, but this deal with Iran is too dangerous to let it ride on these two gigantic egos. And they wouldn’t be so scared of letting Congress have a say if the deal was any good. Their fear alone speaks volumes.