( – A convicted murderer accused of killing as many as 22 older women over a two-year period while stealing their property to fleece for cash was found dead in his cell in Texas. Authorities indicated that his cellmate, also a convicted murderer, was likely culpable for the act.

Billy Chemirmir, 50, was serving time for convictions on two murder charges when authorities found his body on Tuesday, September 19th. Texas Department of Criminal Justice spokeswoman Hannah Haney relayed the details to the AP. [

Chemirmir was slain at a time when Texas’ prisons have been on a statewide lockdown due to a spike in convict killing convict, often related to the drug trade.

Haney did not explain how Chemirmir died or any details regarding the circumstances surrounding his death. One of his victims’ family members, Shannon Dion, felt relief upon hearing the news.

Explaining that her mother’s death was full of terror and pain, she took some satisfaction in knowing that her killer experienced something similar. Chemirmir was convicted of slaying Dion’s 92-year-old mother, Doris Gleason.

Since his victims were elderly women many of their deaths were mistaken as natural causes. Chemirmir was caught after a 91-year-old woman survived his attack and reported the assault and theft of her jewelry after he had forced his way into her room at an independent living facility for the elderly.

Police busted Chemirmir the next day, finding him with the stolen property and cash. The evidence led them to the home of another elderly woman, Lu Thi Harris, who was found dead when authorities arrived.

The arrest led the police to reexamine a number of suspicious deaths and the investigations were ongoing. At the time of his death, Chemirmir stood charged with 22 counts of capital murder. Thirteen in Dallas County, with the rest in the surrounding areas. Chemirmir worked as a caregiver for the elderly, giving him access to his victims.

Chemirmir had consistently maintained his innocence. An NBC 5 streaming series examined the story in more detail.

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