We’re not sure where Salon writer Chauncey DeVega came up with Dr. Susan Block, but he must have done some digging to find this piece of work. Doubtlessly, there are a wide variety of kooks and liberal idiots in the Salon rolodex, though, so maybe it was just a matter of giving it a spin and waiting to see what popped out.

In this case, what popped out was the “founder and director of the Dr. Susan Block Institute for the Erotic Arts & Sciences.” The article does not mention what field Block is a “doctor” of – and we’re not interested enough to Google it – but we’re guessing something like…gender studies?

In any event, the esteemed doctor told Salon that Americans are now suffering through what she calls PTSD.

“For some people Trump’s campaign and presidency has created a type of PTSD — what I call ‘Post-Trump Sex Disorder,’” Block said. “Trump has created feelings of fear, loathing, and nausea. People just don’t want to have sex. This would mainly be seen with women who are just appalled at how creepy Trump is. He takes what is often a positive male attribute of confidence and pushes it way over the line into a rape-like and rape-entitled kind of arrogance.”

DeVega, being a Salon writer and not a journalist of any curiosity whatsoever, did not bother to ask Block if she had any evidence to back up her claim that “people just don’t want to have sex” since Trump came on the political scene. Perhaps it’s just one of those things that are assumed to be true when you are as eaten up with Trump-hatred as these idiots are.

Speaking of idiots, DeVega follows up with this doozie of a question: “Most Americans of conscience, and decent people more generally, are appalled by Donald Trump’s personal and public behavior. Yet, there are others who are aroused by Donald Trump and see him as a symbol of sexual potency and power.”

Which, we suppose, is not really a question but another statement of fact lacking in, well, “fact.” But the good doctor answered it anyway.

“For some people they are turned on and titillated by Donald Trump,” Block said. “They are not suffering from Post-Trump Sexual Disorder. Sex does not always turn us on the way we think it ought to. A lot of people are attracted to bad boys. I emphasize ‘people’ because it is both men and women who are aroused and attracted to and titillated by Donald Trump. There is definitely a homoerotic attraction for Trump being experienced by his usually very homophobic male supporters.”

Ah, so, if you’re having trouble keeping up, here is Block’s medical diagnosis: Women are repulsed by Trump and have lost all interest in sex since he announced his candidacy for president. On the other hand, all of Trump’s male supporters are experiencing a “homoerotic attraction” for the president. Fantastic work there, Doc. Really earning your money.

The terror these kooks feel at the mere thought of conservative white men could be a subject of medical study all on its own.

But we’ll probably want to get a real doctor to look into it and not a (okay, we’re going to break down and look it up) doctor of…philosophy.

Sounds about right.