Following San Francisco’s lead, the Los Angeles City Council voted this week to ban large capacity gun magazines within the city limits. The ban will take effect 30 days after the mayor signs off on the ordinance, and gun owners will have an additional 60 days to get rid of any magazines that exceed the limitations. Any firearm magazine that fits more than 10 rounds will be banned under the new law.

Residents who wish to stay compliant can sell or transfer their magazines or surrender them to the LAPD.

“The step we’re taking today is not a wild step,” said councilman Paul Krekorian at a recent rally. “People who want to defend homes don’t need a 100-round drum magazine to do so.”

Well, that may be true, but it’s also true that criminals don’t need more than ten rounds to kill a great many people. Why not set the limit at five? Or one? Because at that point, community backlash would be too severe. Lawyers would start talking about the Second Amendment. By creating this category of high-capacity magazines, gun grabbers can enact laws that affect only a small population of firearms owners. It isn’t any more constitutional, but there you have it.

Despite this nonsense law, the L.A. City Council isn’t finished with their assault on gun owners. Next week, the council intends to address a proposed ordinance that would require residents to keep their guns in a locked safe. They have also indicated that they may put an exemption into the magazine ordinance for retired police officers. Because that makes sense.

The Spreading Disease

Because Democrats have had little success pushing gun control legislation through at the national level, they have shifted their focus to the local stage. By doing their dirty business through localized multimillion dollar ad campaigns and liberal city councils, they can trample the Constitution without inspiring a backlash from coast to coast. But they’re still doing it. And if they face little opposition, they’ll eventually be able to change this country’s gun laws one city at a time.

No studies have proven the slightest link between banning large capacity magazines and reducing gun violence, but liberals are forging ahead anyway. It’s probably worth noting that California already has some of the strictest gun control laws in the country, and they haven’t done anything to cut down on the violence.

Criminals, of course, are not going to surrender their large-capacity gun magazines to the LAPD. To think they will is an exercise in insanity. Only law-abiding citizens will obey the ordinance, meaning that the city council has done exactly nothing to improve the safety of Los Angeles.

Tyrannical, unconstitutional, and ineffective: the Democrat way.