Well, it’s never a great sign when an organization specifically set up to bring a diverse schedule of speakers to your college campus joins the leftist crusade against free speech. Such is the case at Georgetown University where the student leaders of the Lecture Fund Speaker Series have decided that “oppressive language is violence” and that half of its annual money should go towards amplifying “black voices.” It sure looks like the spectrum of ideological opinions welcome at the Georgetown campus is about to shrink dramatically. We wouldn’t want any sensitive Zoomers exposed to the harmful effects of…a different opinion.

From The College Fix:

The fund has pledged to “prioritize the wellbeing of Black students in the process of inviting speakers to campus” because “it is clear that free speech, without consideration of context or history, is neither free nor fair in its impact on Black lives.”

The post revealing the new policy quotes author and activist Toni Morrison to explain its new protocol. The quote reads in part “Oppressive language does more than represent violence; it is violence…sexist language, racist language, theistic language — all are typical of the policing languages of mastery.”

In effect, the official tuition-funded lecture series of a Catholic University apparently believes that theistic language is violence.

The student chair of the Lecture Fund, McAfee Sheehan, declined to comment to The College Fix on the decision-making process or other aspects of the program’s announcement. A campus spokesperson did not respond to a request for comment from The College Fix.

Of course, from an analysis performed by the Georgetown Review, students may not notice quite as much change in the lecture series as you might expect from the new policy. According to that analysis, Georgetown University was already pulling heavily from the left side of the aisle when selecting speakers.

“The data shows that liberal speakers were vastly overrepresented compared to moderate and conservative guests,” the publication noted for the years 2013-2017. “In fact, liberal and left-leaning speakers accounted for approximately 70% of political speakers hosted by the Lecture Fund during this period. Moderate conservatives were the least represented group among the categorization of political speakers, with only one recorded in the data.”


So yeah, other than the fact that student money will now be devoted to making sure that more “black voices” are highlighted, there probably won’t be a noticeable shift in the lecture series. At any rate, we can all rest easy that these fragile Georgetown students won’t come to any mortal harm from the violent words conservatives are known to spew from the stage.

Say, if a conservative speaker only sprinkles in a few violent phrases throughout their talk, does that count as a “largely peaceful” speech?