Lara Trump Stays Silent On Donor Cash

( – Republican National Committee Co-Chair Lara Trump wouldn’t say what percentage of their war chest is being set aside to cover former President Donald Trump’s legal bills during a conversation with corporate press on Sunday, June 2.

Trump was convicted last week in a controversial New York trial for charges of falsifying his business records after making payments to Stormy Daniels for a non-disclosure agreement and logging the payments as legal expenses before the 2016 election. District Attorney Alvin Bragg was able to circumvent the statute of limitations in the case by stretching the typical misdemeanor charge into a felony by claiming that the falsified records were in furtherance of another crime. That alleged crime was never clearly established, despite the guilty verdict.

Trump will appeal the verdict and many observers have suggested the likelihood of it being overturned is high. Sentencing starts on July 11 and the prosecutors are seeking a prison term of one year behind bars. Trump is also appealing a conviction in a real estate case where state Attorney General Letitia James similarly accused Trump of a non-crime: padding the estimates of his real estate holdings. He faces a $500 million fine if that outcome is upheld.

Despite the negative press, Trump’s campaign has been raising tremendous amounts of cash. In the first 24 hours after Friday’s verdict, Trump raised $53 million in donations with many of them coming from small and first time donors.

Lara Trump suggested that anyone who donates is a guaranteed voter, implying they’re invested in the outcome once they’ve given as little as $1.

When pressed by a representative of the corporate press on how much of that money is being earmarked for Donald Trump’s legal bills, Lara Trump sidestepped the question, highlighting that everyone has the option to opt-out of funding his legal bills when they donate. She also said that the percentage going towards his legal expenses was “very small,” while highlighting the financial cost was minor compared to the impact lawfare against Donald Trump has had on faith in the justice system.

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