Lara Trump Warns Targeting Trump Could Backfire

( – Former President Donald Trump’s daughter-in-law, Lara Trump, said on Tuesday that the Democratic Party’s plan to prevent her father-in-law from returning to the White House in 2024 seems to be backfiring as more Americans wake up to the scheme.

On Tuesday, Trump was indicted for the third time. Special counsel Jack Smith of the Justice Department, who also handed Trump his second indictment, indicted the former president again, this time for allegations related to the Capitol riot on January 6, 2021. Trump was hit with four counts delivered by a grand jury in a Washington federal court.

Trump denied he did anything wrong and will plead not guilty, which is what he did in April for his first indictment of 34-counts and again in June for his second of 37-counts. His poll numbers spiked afterward, with many beginning to see Trump as a martyr, and his daughter-in-law claims it’s waking more people up to the Democrats’ scheme.

Lara Trump, wife of Trump’s son Eric Trump, appeared on Newsmax after the news broke and said the main problem faced by the Democrats and mainstream media is that the more regular Americans “see this targeting” of the former president, the more of them “start to realize” what Trump “has said for a long time is really true.” That is, that they aren’t actually after Trump himself, but the American people.

This is why Trump’s poll numbers continue “to go up every single time” another indictment happens, Lara Trump said, because many Americans are beginning to perceive the attacks on Trump as “an attack on themselves” and “on our country.” She claims this is one of the reasons her father-in-law is ahead of the rest of the GOP candidates, and that the Democrats’ plan is backfiring.

Trump’s son, Eric Trump, told Newsmax something similar last month, stating that the American people are losing faith in their justice system after seeing how his father is being targeted. He said that he is “fearful for this country,” which he said “can’t last this way.” but fortunately, it looks like people are beginning to wake up.

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