On November 8, we will go to the polls with one choice before us: Do we put the power of the United States back in the hands of the people, or do we resign ourselves to becoming just another Western nation subservient to the global elite?

This choice may not ever come around again. Take a look around the world. Look at what’s happening in Europe. Look at the decision the British made this year. They took an enormous financial risk to vote for leaving the EU, and it will be years before we know whether or not the gamble paid off. No matter what, though, the people of Great Britain rose up and took control of their fate. Our destiny, they said, will be our own.

More than two hundred years ago, our forefathers had their own Brexit. They risked their lives to declare independence, thus birthing the greatest democracy to ever grace the planet. The founding fathers, as wise as they were, could never have imagined how transcendent the United States would turn out to be. For all they knew, the great American experiment could have been a complete failure. But they forged ahead anyway. They were confident in their convictions, and when you go forward with that confidence, the results are secondary.

We stand at a crossroads, and the choice we make in two weeks may be just as important as the choice the founders made two centuries ago. Our democracy has been poisoned by runaway liberalism, corruption, and greed. Our freedoms are being stripped away to please an ever-increasing system of special interests and to pander to every new “minority” group the left can invent. One of the two major presidential candidates envisions a future where America’s borders are erased.

The other one is running on a simple promise to put America first.

As virtually anyone will tell you, Donald Trump is a risk.

But at a time like this, a risk is exactly what we need. We have gotten too comfortable with the status quo, even while we watch it destroy everything that was great about this country. We claim we want change, and then when real change comes along, we get cold feet.

So it’s worth remembering that there is no status quo. That’s an illusion. We are constantly moving as a nation, and we are moving in a dangerous direction. Donald Trump represents a drastic turn of the wheel, and that can be scary.

At least, until you realize that we’re already headed straight off a cliff.