Lawmaker Arrested For Child Crimes

( – A former Democratic lawmaker from New Hampshire was arrested last Thursday on four counts of distributing child pornography.

Born Barry Charles Laughton Jr., the 39-year-old representative now goes by the name Stacie Laughton and identifies as transgender. Laughton was arrested on June 22 on four felony counts of child pornography distribution.

Laughton’s arrest came a few days after Lindsay Groves, 38, was arrested on charges of child exploitation and child pornography distribution. Groves used to be Laughton’s romantic partner and also used to be a daycare employee.

Allegedly, prosecutors recovered more than 2,500 text messages exchanged between Laughton and Groves, including texts about explicit photos taken by Groves of children when he was employed with Creative Minds Daycare, as well as about the transfer of those photos.

Laughton already had a history of arrests going back over ten years. When he won his election in 2012 to join the New Hampshire legislature, Laughton became one of the first openly trans-identifying people elected to a public office in the United States. Despite winning the election, Laughton wasn’t permitted to serve after it came out that he was still on probation related to charges of identity theft and credit card fraud from 2008, for which he served four months in prison.

He was also arrested in 2015 for making bomb threats against a medical center, which he blamed on “mental illness,” and again in 2021 for abusing the 911 emergency system, which he denied and blamed on someone else trying to get him in trouble.

Even with such a colorful past, Laughton still managed to be reelected in 2022 and once again wasn’t able to serve. Fifteen days after the election, he resigned after it was made public that he was arrested again, this time for allegedly stalking a woman months before the election took place.

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